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Welcome to the Preventive Medical Center of Marin (PMCM)


At PMCM, we believe “Your health starts with you!” Visiting PMCM, our integrative medical clinic is the first step to taking personal responsibility for your health. A relationship with PMCM will significantly help you attain and maintain optimum health. It is our mission and our passion at PMCM to provide patients with knowledge and tools to improve their health and well-being by teaching them about healthier lifestyle choices. Education is the true path of the Doctor (from the Latin word “docere” meaning to teach), and applying this knowledge can provide powerfully positive effects on your life, health and longevity.Located in Marin County, California, and celebrating more than 25 years of practice, PMCM offers a wide range of services and programs in an integrated family medicine practice setting. By combining and integrating healthcare services within the contemporary insurance model, PMCM represents one of the most popular and expanding areas of medicine and is considered by many to be the "health care of the future".  This means we take many insurance programs such as Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, United Health Care and Medicare for a wide range of our services. 

Attention Patients:  If you have signed up through the California Exchange as a result of the ACA that allows a subsidy, they offer only ONE insurance carrier with whom we are contracted, Blue Shield PPO and/or EPO.  Preventive Medical Center of Marin is enrolled in the Blue Shield Individual and Family Plan for both the PPO and EPO plans, not HMO.  The Anthem Blue Cross plan that is offered is a hybrid of Anthem Blue Cross insurance called "Pathway" or "Pathway X",  of which we are not providers.  To our surprise, neither the Exchange or the insurance brokers are aware of who is- and who is not on this plan.

We just became aware of this recently after my business office was on hold for 2 hours to speak with a representative from the Pathway Plan.  We found out to enroll in this plan (after being a provider with Blue Cross for 25 years) would take 4-6 months and the reimbursement for physician services is much lower than current existing plans.   According to Ms. Carol Silver of Pathway "only a few physicians" in Marin County were offered the option to enroll in this new plan.We would love to continue to be your healthcare provider and we understand that many of us are being misinformed on all fronts. It has been a painful learning experience.  In speaking with our insurance broker, he said indiviuals can change from the Blue Cross Pathway Plan to Blue Shield offered on the Exchange if they do so before the end of March.  Otherwise, those on Blue Cross through the Exchange that do not opt for a new plan before the end of March will be locked in that plan for one year before the new enrollment period in January 2015. 

To summarize, at this time the only plan that Judy Lane, Dr. Reece and I are contracted with is Blue Shield if you go through the exchange in order to quaify for a subsidy.  We are still contracted with Anthem Blue Cross if you sign up under the Prudent Buyer Plan, as well as other insurances, namely United Health Care, Aetna, and Cigna. Sadly, none of these plans are offered through the California Exchange. Of course, we also see many kaiser patients and those without health insurance to provide "Health Care" to those of you interested.

For all of us, our best insurance is to Stay Healthy.

Elson M. Haas, MD

Director, Preventive Medical Center of Marin        

Photos in slideshow of Giant White Heron and Ocean are courtesy of Marin photographer: Peter Neiber



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